Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 and I'm back! Good and bad.

Well, after a long layoff, I'm back. This will be mostly journalistic. But, I'll through in some editorializing and entertainment from time to time. For now, it starts. 2017, and already I know it will be a tenuous year. First, at long last, Obama is, will be, gone and Trump takes over as president. Now, Trump is a buffoon. He represents a screwed up portion of the country that like Brexit, turned the country against government and the press. Which would, could be good if he were an otherwise smart and decent guy. But he's not. While Obama acted in a manner that did not improve race relations, and there was negative consequences to much of what the things he said, Trump has no filter and has managed to piss off every race out there. But, they're already planning to shit can Obamacare. Like, right away! First thing, flush it, done, good bye. Several companies have vowed to keep their businesses here raising confidence. So, we'll see. Second, 3 months ago in October, we took in Jennifer. A black girl from Girl Scouts. At first she just wanted to sleep here a few days because the house had cockroaches. There was no hot water. And, the home life wasn't great. So, we offered to take her in. Jamie and I thought it'd be for a week or few. Suddenly, it was 'indefinite' and we're talking to her mom about allergies and such. It's becoming an issue. Especially for Jamie, and this comes at a time when she is a junior, is thinking about college and stressing about it, wants and needs her privacy, and simply isn't best friends with Jennifer. How this will play out and when ... it's not going to be pretty. Then there's me. Successful heart valve surgery 4 years ago, and I'm feeling pretty good. As good as my bones and joints will allow, anyway. While my degenerative disks and arthritis seem to be in good control on my spine, my hips and knees decided to join the party. I found out I have a vascular necrosis of my left hip. Essentially, the bone isn't receiving adequate blood flow and the bone is dying. The necrosis affects about 25% of the bone. It's also about 50% collapsed ... bone on bone. Yeah, it hurts. A lot. It's the biggest impediment in my life, now. Second are my knees. Well, after visiting the orthodox the other day, I found out I just might need both hips done, one knee done, and my left middle knuckle tendon, which decided to tear itself loose about a week ago. Great. I'll be spending all of 2017 recovering. I see the surgeon the beginning of February. The fun begins shortly after. The real bummer is that this comes at a time when my photography work is getting busier and busier, at a time when this might be the last full summer we can spend with Jamie, comes at s time when she'll be visiting colleges, and I might be laid up. If not for one thing, then another. It sucks.

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